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"Remembering the Four Laws of Creation - Loves Eternal Nature."

Every moment of the Youniverse that we experience is created by the ever-changing ways that we combine the Four Laws of Creation. These four functions of existence reveal the nature and structure of all that exists, all that is.

When a majority of people on Earth unknowingly work against these four laws, and thus work against the flow of Creation itself, then experiences such as: conflict, frustration, difficulty, disharmony, fear, anger, separation, limitation, dis-ease, pain, depression, poverty, starvation, guilt, shame, and worthlessness, become a common theme in daily life. These types of illusory experiences prevent a person from being able to realize the wonderfully empowered and amazingly creative creator that they actually are.

As more and more people learn these Four Laws of Creation, then playfully working with the flow of Creation to effortlessly create experiences such as infinite worth, wealth, joy, peace, and unconditional love become exciitng themes in daily life.

Examples of experiences that will arise in your daily life when you allow yourself to remember, be aware of, and take action in alignment with these Four Laws of Creation include:
• Inner peace & self-realization.
• Experiencing your magical genius.
• Recognizing ecstasy's value to all life.
• Realizing your life's most meaningful purpose.
• Living in the center of your heart's Creator Awareness.
• Continuously tuning in to the stations of your loving sensations.
• Realizing what motivates you to make every choice that you make.
• Remembering what the higher-self is designed to do for you and with you.
• Increasing awareness of the beautiful and magnificent Creator that you and we are.
• Experiencing the supportive behavior of Youniversal Love in every moment, here and now.
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