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Channeling Sessions.  Discover what's been missing!

When you "let go" of discordant beliefs that have been hidden behind doubts, fears, guilt, mis-guided teachings, etc., you will discover what's been missing and begin more deeply experiencing the rich and fulfilling life purpose that your heart's unconditional love is guiding you to every day.

We can help you "let go" and discover what's been missing!

Shaun channels "Group of Friends" and "Gilgamesh."
Group of Friends and Gilgamesh are multi-dimensional master guides and teachers. They speak from their Heart to ours with profound insight, accuracy, love, and personal understanding. They honor our choices, our life path, and the experiences of our soul as we move through this lifetime.

Healing and Revealing Channeling Sessions.
During a private channeling session, you can receive revealing and healing insights on topics of your choice. Examples include: belief patterns, relationships, love, feelings, thought patterns, behaviors, family, friends, intuition, life purpose, karma, life meaning, inner guidance, self empowerment, higher self communication, imagination, creativity, spirit guides, reincarnation, past lives, future life, guardian angels.

How Shaun Conducts a Channeling Session    Inner Guidance and Spirit Guides

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