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Welcome to Sounds of Light

Resources to enhance whole heart awareness, personal growth, healing, self realization, and the co-creation of lovely realities together within the multi-dimensional Youniverse we live in.

Channeling Sessions
Private channeling sessions and group events. Healing, fascinating, and revealing. Discover what's been missing and live your life's most meaningful purpose everyday!

Events and Classes
Awakening to more of our Heart's wisdom, imagination, and creation awareness. Realizing more of your laughter, love, and joy.

Sound and Healing
Like musicians playing wonderful music together in an orchestra, the vibrational systems of each person's whole being can resonate joyously together, allowing the Soul to play its symphony of Life in beautiful ways everyday.

Group of Friends and Gilgamesh share information on a variety of exciting topics related to the multi-dimensional Youniverse that we live in and interact with everyday!

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